Bluelink® is now available on your favourite smart watch.

From your wrist, start your vehicle, lock your doors, or check your vehicle’s status. Staying connected to your car got so much easier!

How-to guide to install Bluelink on your Watch OS
How-to guide to install Bluelink on your Wear OS
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Bluelink® Keeps You Connected.

Bluelink® is our connected vehicle system that conveniently keeps you connected with your Hyundai via the smartphone app, and offers a suite of services at the press of a button.

This innovative connected system gives you the ability to remotely lock/unlock and start your vehicle, adjust climate controls and keep track of your vehicle’s health with smart diagnostic tools.
Your Bluelink subscription comes free for three years with your new vehicle**.

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Remote Start with Climate Control

Remotely start, warm, cool or defrost your vehicle from wherever you are. You can even pre-warm your heated seats* on those
cold Canadian winter days and nights.

Rest assured, we’ve got your back.

SOS Emergency Roadside Assistance*

Your rearview mirror or overhead console can connect you
immediately to roadside assistance or emergency services
with the touch of a button.
*Button location varies by vehicle.

Automatic Collision Notification

If your vehicle is involved in a serious crash, Bluelink is
looking out for you — automatically calling emergency
services on your behalf.

Bluelink® puts you in control.

Want Bluelink?
Find out which vehicles have Bluelink and which features are available.

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